Tandem Skydive:

The tandem skydive is for someone that wants to get that one time skydiving experience. You will be connected to a USPA certified Tandem Instuctor for the duration of your skydive, from exit to the landing. You will get to expeience all that a professional skydiver experiences. The jump consists of a 15 to 30 minute ground school, which takes place just before your skydive. After suiting up you will be put on the plane with you tandem maseter, that will take you up to 10,000 ft, in about 30 minutes or less. Upon exiting at 10,000 ft., you will get to experience a 30 to 35 second freefall down to 5,000 ft. When the Tandem Master deploys the parachute at 5,000 ft. you will then get to take in the sights, during your 5 to 7 minute flight under the ram-air tandem parachute. You and the Tandem Master will guide the parachute down to the ground and land directly in front of the hanger, where your friends and family will be watching.

To make a Tandem Skydive must be 18 years of age or older and weigh less than 220 lbs.

The video....the most important part...the proof

Your skydive will not be complete without a video. Once you go home and tell your friends and family that you went skydiving, they probably will not believe you. So, get proof. When you schedule your skydive, ask for to get a video. A professional videographer will jump out of the plane with you and film you entire freefall. Once your parachute opens the videographer will continue filming, so the audience at home will get to see what it's like to fly under a parachute 5000 ft. above the ground. The videographer will land and continue filming your decent, all the way through your landing, with a follow up interview. You will get to view your freefall in 3 different styles: full speed w/ music, slow mode w/ music and full speed with no music but with all of the sounds of freefall. Your video will be put on DVD and shipped to you a couple of days after your jump.




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